AquaFX Octopus Reverse Osmosis RO/DI System 50-300 GPD

$449.00 $455.00

The AquaFX Octopus is the most automated RO/DI system AquaFX offers. If you are really busy and have a reef tank this system may be perfect for your application. Able to produce up to 200 gallons per day this system has all kinds of cool gadgets, pressure gauge, inline TDS meter, booster pump to name just a few.

The AquaFx Octopus can do certain things on its own like flushing the membrane AUTOMATICALLY. It is equipped with a micro-processor that controls the entire system including the booster pump. The Octopus also features a adjustable flow restrictor so the user can adjust their waste water ratio to their specifications. 

AquaFX Octopus Features:

  • Microprocessor Controlled 1:1 Waste water Ratio
  • High Pressure Bracket Mounted Booster Pump: Located Post Pre-filtration for extended pump life
  • Extended DI life via automatic Membrane Flush upon Start-up: Greatly prolong DI life by flushing TDS Creep upon start-up!
  • Cyclic Membrane Flush: Full Membrane Flush upon shutdown to help prevent membrane scaling
  • Built in TDS meter with full (0-99)ppm range
  • High and Low Pressure Kill Switches (For pump protection and full system automation)
  • This RO/DI unit is setup for greatest filter life, with least amount of waste!
  • All units are made, tested and supported in the USA.
  • High efficiency 1-micron sediment pre-filter
  • Dual AquaFX Chloramine Blaster filters
  • High flow/ high rejection TFC membranes
  • High-efficiency color-changing DI cartridge
  • 160 PSI pressure gauge marked with operating and unsafe ranges

All systems include quick connect fittings, a shut off valve, a filter wrench for easy cartridge replacement, and a garden hose adapter