This area is dedicated to reactors of many kinds. Calcium, Biopellet, GFO/Carbon, Zeovit, and Nitrate reactors. We currently carry Reef Octopus, Skimz, CAD Lights, Korallin, Vertex, BioTek, and KNOP brands. Reactors can play a vital role in the successful keeping of any reef tank. They can do things such as lower nitrates, clear water, boost beneficial bacteria, and even maintain proper calcium levels. If you do not see a specific model  you are looking for please contact us at Or refer to our Reef 101 Section.

With such a wide network of distributors, we carry one of the largest reactor inventories in the country. Every brand that we carry has met our quality control and research standards due to years of testing. On top of this, we listened to dozens of customer reviews based on overall experience of performance and reliability. You can be assured that any reactor you purchase from Reef2Land will also offer hobbyist friendly use and have the backing of some of the best names in aquarium industry.