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Price Matching

Price Matching at Reef2Land

At Reef2Land LLC we strive to be the #1 carrier of aquarium products online. If you should find a lower price anywhere else, please contact us and we will do our best to match the price of that item. Price must be on the identical item, in the same condition, and on-hand inventory. We will price match any reputable competitors lower advertised price. Just email us a copy of the ad. We do not do rainchecks, but if we the items on hand we will work with you. The ad must be legitimate and verifiable that it came from that competitor. We reserve the right to call the competitor and see if they are aware of the advertisement. 

We may not always be able to match prices. As it is in the aquarium industry some places are able to keep more on hand of certain items that they receive larger discounts on, because of how much they buy. At Reef2Land we will even assist in your search. Should we find an item that we carry, at a lower price somewhere else, we will let you know where and for how much. It is just who we are and how we operate as a store. We believe in saving someone as much money as we can now so they have more to keep their tank members healthy down the road. 

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