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At Reef2Land we are family owned and operated and have been since we opened our doors in 1988. Our Return Policy is pretty industry standard. We will always work with any customer should you have any issues with your order. We would love to hear from you to address any of your concerns.
If this is your first time visiting Reef2Land please take the time to read our "About Us" (by clicking HERE) page to better get know the know the staff who will be working for you and our philosophy towards customer service. 
When we look at aquarium products we see what they could potentially do if transferred from tank to tank. Some people use UV Sterilizers to protect their tanks from algae spores, microbes, parasites, etc… because these are things capable of floating around a water column. These organisms can cling to any equipment and should an item be moved from one tank to another, it could move any of these organisms from one aquarium to the next. After nearly 3 decades in business this is precisely why we implemented the below Return Regulations. It is to protect your tank as well as our prices.
Return Regulations
We ask that any customer who is unsure of what they want to buy, or if that item will be the right fit for them, please contact us first and we will happily assist you in making the best decision for your tank. We have employees here nearly around the clock. We do this in an attempt to avoid any item being returned at all. The aquarium industry simply is not trial and error to us and we will go out of our way to make sure you purchase the right item the first time by helping with any research you may be doing. Should you have questions about whether an item is right for your tank, we will be here to answer your questions at almost any time at
We accept returns within 30 days on items that are in the same condition they were purchased and shipped to you in – all returns must be new, unused, and unopened. We do not accept returns on used items at all; any used items just end up in the trash to avoid any possibility of contamination between aquariums. Once an item is used or opened it then becomes a Warranty Issue for the manufacturer. We DO make sure that your order arrives to you brand new and has NEVER touched water before. In the event you need to make a return we do charge a restocking fee of 10% on all orders, deduct shipping costs getting the item(s) to you, and require that the buyer pays the return shipping on any item they purchased. Any items returned without our authorization and an RA number will be rejected and returned to the sender.
We do not accept returns on items that can spoil, degrade, have the useable amount depleted, or deteriorate with use. These items are including but not limited to filter media, food, light bulbs, medication, additives, supplements, salt, test kits, so on and so forth. In order to make a return you must contact us first. Any returns made without authorization from Reef2Land will be rejected and returned to the sender. We will not issue refunds for any items that are lost during shipping if a valid tracking number shows it was delivered.
Buying from Reef2Land ensures your items will arrive to you BRAND NEW and have never come in contact with another persons' tank.
Please contact us should you have any warranty or shipping issues. We will gladly address any concerns you might have about your purchase.
Reef2Land LLC Staff
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