Aquarium Sumps & Refugiums


The best rule for selecting a Refugium/Sump is simply the biggest you can fit in the area you have to work with. One reason is because it will give you room to expand the amount of filtration you have for your tank. This is in case someone decides to add such things as Calcium Reactors, Media Reactors, Protein Skimmers, UV Sterilizers, etc. The second reason is in case you decide on natural filtration, such as macro algae. A larger sump will give you a greater amount of space to fit more natural media.  

This area is dedicated to Refugiums and Sumps. Sumps are a vital part of any successful aquarium due to their versatility and many uses. To read more about them, and their many other benefits, refer to our Reef 101 section. If you do not see a specific model you are looking for, or would like to inquire about a certain brand, please contact us at contact@reef2land.comThank You