Warranty Information

At Reef2Land LLC we will be here for the entire duration of your warranty should you choose to contact us. This is because we stand behind every product that we sell. Does not matter if you come to us or the manufacturer, any warranty claim will take about the same amount of time.

We do this because when you purchase a product all of your sale information is stored in our secure system due to our "Reef2Rewards" program. We understand sometimes it can be a hassle going to the manufacturer, then coming back to where you purchased your item(s) for proof of purchase, and then going from place to place to get it taken care of. We believe it is simpler to just come back to the source of the purchase. 

Every product we sell is brand new and comes with a full manufacturer warranty. 

We also supply a list of the manufacturers, their emails, and their numbers. We actually do however prefer you come to us as we feel this is just part of great customer service. If you do not see the brand you purchased, just let us know so we can supply you with that information.

American Marine (Pinpoint) – 914-763-5367 info@americanmarineusa.com

Aqua Illumination 515-233-5105 support@aquaillumination.com

CoralVue (Reef Octopus. Elos, Maxspect, AutoAqua, Coral Rx, Reeflo) - (985) 781-9078 http://www.coralvue.com/support/ 

Danner manufacturing (Mag Drive) – 631.234.5261 support@dannermfg.com 

EcoTech Marine – 610-954-8480 service@ecotechmarine.com

Enaly  info@enaly.com

Finnex - http://www.finnex.net/index.php/contacts

Hamilton – 800-447-9797 support@hamiltontechnology.com

Hydor – 916-920-5222 hydor.usa@hydor.com

Innovative Marine – 866-368-7941 Info@innovative-marine.com

Kessil Lighting – 510-620-5250  kessil@kessil.com

Neptune Systems (Apex Controller) – 408-779-4090 support@neptunesystems.com

Reef Octopus Skimmers and Sumps – (985) 781-9078 http://www.coralvue.com/support/

Panworld Pumps – 978-400-5507 info@emecproducts.com

Pentair Eco-Systems (Formally Emperor Aquatics) – 407-992-5627 support@pentair.com

Reef Fanatic –877-614-5388 reef@reeffanatic.com

Reeflo Pumps – 877-378-6798 info@reeflopumps.com

Waveline (soon to be CoralVue)  sales@rlss.ca

Bubble Magus and JNS – 714-603-4707 sales@seasideaquatics.com

Sicce – 865-291-3202 support@sicceus.com

SpectraPure – 800-685-2783 service@spectrapure.com

Trigger Systems - sales@triggersys.com

Tunze – 512-833-7546 tunze@sbcglobal.net

Vertex and Korallen Zucht - 714-274-6544 adam@vertextechnologies.net

Zetlight (MingTrading) - 224-442-0424 support@mingllc.com