UV Sterilizers


UV Sterilizers can be a vital piece of equipment when it comes to successful Reef Keeping. These devices draw water in by means of a feed pump. As they do the water is pushed through a tube inside, along a UV Light, where it helps rid a tank of disease causing micro-organisms and even algae spores. The result is a tank that is more likely to have healthy fish, corals, clams and other inhabitants. Added benefits of UV Sterilizers is they can also potentially raise redox levels in aquariums, greatly increasing water quality and clarity. Should you have any further questions about UV Sterilizers, please contact us.

At Reef2Land, all of our tanks use the LifeGard Aquatics ProMax Units. These sterilizer not only perform better than any other UV Sterilizer we have tested, but they are also priced extremely well and are easy on the eyes. UV Sterilizers should be a piece of equipment that every tank uses.