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We created the Reef101 section to help each and every tank owner make the most informed decisions they can when it comes to items they are purchasing for their tank. We noticed with many sites we went to it's as if people are supposed to automatically know what they want; without any sort of previous frame of reference or knowledge towards these products. That's why in this section we will be discussing matters such as which equipment might be right for your tank, and why; tank issues such as Aiptasia, Water Chemistry, Tank Feeding, Algae, etc. and even our Best Of Section where we did in-depth research on all of the products that we sell. 

Reef tanks are our life; they’re something that is extremely important to us. After almost 3 decades in business, we made it our #1 goal to help tanks thrive even for the beginning reef keeper. There is a plethora, an absolute ocean of knowledge out there, which can sometimes become overwhelming even for advanced aquarists. This is why every year we study hundreds of items, inspect them from top to bottom, listen to many reviews on them, and only products we really trust make it onto our site.  Reef101 was created to encourage reef keeping through information and solutions.

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Reef Gear 101

Click HERE for Protein Skimmer Information

Click HERE for Refugium/Sump Information

Click HERE for Lighting Information

Click HERE for Reactor Information 

Click HERE for Water Movement Information

Click HERE for Tap Water Filtration

Click HERE for Best Aquarium Salt

Problematic Tank Issues 101

Click Here for Aiptasia Removal and Control

Click Here for Algae Problems in Your Tank

Starting and Keeping 101

Click HERE for Keeping Corals in a Reef Tank

Click HERE for Keeping Clams in a Reef Tank

Click HERE for Starting a Saltwater Aquarium

Click HERE for Cycling a Saltwater Aquarium

Click HERE for Water Chemistry & Parameters 

Tank Rank Best Of 101

Click HERE for Protein Skimmer Power Rankings

Click HERE for Aquarium Lighting Power Rankings

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