Enaly Ozone Generators


Enaly has been providing quality and safety proven ozone generators to the aquarium industry for years. Their products use the most advanced Corona Discharge Technology. Both the Ozac Plus 100 and 200 aquarium ozone generators come with built-in redox meter/controller with a digital readout and use adjustable set point to turn the ozone on and off automatically. Enaly Ozone Generators greatly increase RedOx levels in home aquariums, which helps ensure excellent water quality and clarity. We carry only Enaly here at Reef2Land because of their exceptional reliability and outstanding customer service record.

Never inject ozone directly into the fish tank. The aquarium inhabitants should be protected from exposure to free ozone and oxidation products. The recommended method to remove any residual free ozone and any free oxidation products is by vigorous aeration followed by filtration through activated carbon.

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Enaly Aquarium Ozone Generator OZAC-PLUS 100 - Free ORP - Reef2Land
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Enaly Aquarium Ozone Generator OZAC-PLUS 200 - Free ORP - Reef2Land
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