We are getting a lot of emails lately about our payment gateway. At Reef2Land we have been extremely busy developing our new site, but rest assured we will be back up and running soon over at AllThingReef.com...

In the Spring of 2023, we were approached with an incredible offer from a place in Florida that allowed us to use such a well known name as AllThingsReef, and merge it with both our livestock and dry-goods site. It also allowed us to have an incredible amount of room in which to grow corals near Panama City Beach. With these new business ventures, we were moving a lot of inventory around, and would not have been able to keep up with the growing demand we were seeing at the moment. We are going to be running a massive sale relatively soon, with 10s of thousands of new coral colonies and frags as well as sales on dry-goods over at AllThingsReef.com.

Thanks for being patient with us.