Maxspect LED Aquarium Lighting

Maxspect was founded in 2009 by a group of coral reef aquarium owners who knew what they wanted for their tanks. They had a strong desire to develop a lighting brand that is energy efficient, that doesn't replacement due to luminous decay, and that still offers outstanding performance. Enter their Razor and Ethereal lines of LED Lighting. Both lights achieve what Maxspect set out to and offer exceptional construction with one of the best companies in the industry behind them.

Throughout these years, Maxspect has proven to be passionate about the reefkeeping hobby, they reflect this through the products that they design, manufacture and bring to the hands of customers. Their promise is "In the future, we will continue to amaze our customers with products of our passion and innovation." We have received nothing but amazing reviews about every product in the Maxspect brand. We hope to see them grow as a company and continue to make cutting-edge contributions to the aquarium industry.