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Korallin Calcium Reactors are manufactured and engineered in Germany with some of the highest quality components available. These reactors are of both exceptional quality and remarkable performance. We consider them one of the most durable and long lasting calcium reactors we carry. Those features coupled with customer service that is nearly unsurpassed, is what causes Korallin to remain one of our Top 2 Reactor brands here at Reef2Land.

Korallin Calcium Reactors help maintain proper alkalinity and calcium levels (among other trace elements) by dissolving a media called aragonite. When the aragonite is dissolved it then drips back into the tank to assist in proper water chemistry. They are highly effective, almost self-sustaining additions, that make 2-part dosing obsolete. On average a good reactor package will run about what a year of dosing additives do in our experience. For more information on Calcium Reactors please refer to our Reef101 section.

Korallin Calcium Reactors

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