Two LIttle Fishies Calan-Eeze Copepods 30g 1oz


Two LIttle Fishies Calan-Eeze 30 Gram 1 Ounce

The copepods used in Two Little Fishies Calan-Eeze are harvested from a sustainable source in Norway. They wait to harvest them until they are the perfect size for fresh and saltwater fish with smaller mouths. The fish food is naturally high in proteins, color promoting astaxanthin,and beneficial lipids. The Copepods are harvested live and then flash freeze-dried to lock in all the nutritional value.

Feeding Instructions:

Fish: Sprinkle enough Calan-Eeze that your fish can consume within a 2 minute period into a feeding ring like the Two LIttle Fishies MagFeeder to keep the food from flowing into the filtration system.

Coral: Turn off all flow in the aquarium. Soak Calan-Eeze in water for a couple minutes and then using a turkey baster or similar feeding tool, slowly spot feed corals.

Freeze Dreid foods will have a natural tendency to float until they are re-hydrated. For best results rehydrate freeze dried foods in fresh water for 2-3 minutes before feeding to the tank.

Ingredients: Freeze-Dried copepods (Calanus finmarchicus, C. hyperboreus, C helgolandicus)

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein: 55% (min)
Crude Fat: 20% (min)
Crude Fiber: 5% (max)
Moisture: 5% (max)Astaxanthin: 440ppm (min)

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