Small Nest by - Small Acrylic Bird Cage


NestCages Small Acrylic Bird Cage

"Would you rather live in a house with bars or windows. Your feathered friend is the same. NestCages are built for the high-class elite bird owners."

What's Included In The Cage Combo:

  • You Get What You Pay For
  • Diamond Flame Polished Triple Welded and Cured Seams
  • 23" Long x 15.25" Wide x 15.25" Tall
  • 2 Hand Carved Wooden Perches (3 on the Large Cages)
  • Custom Black Pull Out Acrylic Tray
  • Free Fully Insured Shipping

NestCages are built right here in the USA in Colorado by three master acrylic craftsman with a combined 50 years of working with acrylic. These are not imported and rebranded like so many other brands. We have seen the assembly facility which is extremely impressive. Between cutting the acrylic sheet, laser cutting the sheet designs, triple welding the seams, heat treating, and final assembly and polishing, every cage takes almost 2 weeks from start to finish.

THIS is the most amazing cage we have ever seen. No assembly required. If you look in the second picture you will see there is over 250 lbs resting on the top of this cage. We have sold DOZENS of different brands over the years. When we began asking our customers what they wanted to see and what they were willing to pay a little more for almost everyone said "sturdy construction" and "no assembly required". The majority of acrylic cages that we have sold over the years were modular. This means they show up to your door and need to be assembled. So many customers said "nothing is worse then trying to hold and screw 4-sides together". We heard that with certain brands since birds are very active it can sometimes "wiggle" the cages apart. That's when we went in search of the perfect acrylic cage.

NestCages Acrylic bird cages are triple welded at the seams and shipped to you no assembly required. Because of this they are EXTREMELY strong as can be seen in the picture. We wanted people to have piece of mind when it comes to where their bird lives. Almost a quarter of the cost of these cages is the higher shipping and insurance costs.

  • No assembly required
  • Clear background.
  • Solid enclosure helps reduce noise and mess.
  • Less chance of temperature fluctuations to help your bird stay stress free.
  • Built for the most demanding elite bird lover.
  • Having an unobstructed view allows your bird to feel closer to you which relieves stress.
  • Triple Welded Diamond Polished seams to created the strongest cage on the market.
  • Click HERE to read more about health and safety of our bird cages

All cages include the full shell which can be seen in the pictures, custom pull out trays (black, not pictured), and two wooden dow rods. We can customize any cage to any needs and can even build custom sizes if you should contact us. When you order your cage they are built from scratch and take 2 weeks before they ship. NestCages is the pinnacle of acrylic bird cages. We were absolutely blown away when we visited the small assembly building. These 3 craftsman have build a name for themselves that defines the words heritage and excellence. The bowls for food and water that we make are hard welded into the cage and can not be removed. Please keep in mind that all cages are built from scratch. Due to this they will occasionally have a scratch or little bit of glue in a small area since they are built by hand. We think this gives them character.