Reef Octopus CR3000D 7" Calcium Reactor up to 600 Gallons


High performance reverse flow design, superior craftsmanship and a 2 year pump warranty are just a few of the features on the Super Reef Octopus calcium reactors. If you are concerned about calcium levels due to your calcium loving animals look no further than our SRO calcium reactors. All SRO calcium reactors come with our high water volume Water Blaster pumps which come standard with Silicone Carbide shafts and bearings, this means no worries of moving parts freezing up causing broken shafts. All SRO calcium reactors come with PH probe holders to monitor PH inside the first chamber of the reactor. Equipped with a PH probe holders to mount a PH probe to monitor Ph levels in the main reactor chamber and built in bubble counters to monitor Co2 drip rates. To help you meet the challenging task of maintaining alkalinity, calcium and trace elements, consider adding a Super Reef Octopus calcium reactor to your aquarium system.

How it works

A calcium reactor is essentially a chamber full of aragonite, which is the crushed skeleton of ancient hard corals. Aquarium water is pumped through this chamber along with pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 lowers the pH in the chamber to an acidic level which dissolves aragonite media into the aquarium water. In addition to dissolving the calcium, this process also dissolves nearly all the minerals and trace elements the coral used in order to grow.

Automated Calcium and Alkalinity supplementation - When set up properly and used correctly, a calcium reactor can maintain or increase calcium levels with little to no maintenance.

Reef Octopus CR3000D Specifications:

  • Diameter: 6.7"
  • Footprint: 15" x 11"
  • Total Height: 23"
  • Media Capacity: 11.5
  • Inlet Size: 1/4"
  • Suggested Feed Rate: 132-211GPH

Note:Suggest a feed pressure slightly higher than a full flowing influent

Recirculation Pump Information:

  • Water Blaster 3000
  • Wattage: 37w