Reef Octopus Classic 202SS 8" Internal Skimmer up to 265 Gallons


The Reef Octopus Classic 202-S is an in-sump protein skimmer capable of providing powerful filtration for aquariums up to 265 gallons where sump space may be limited. This Reef Octopus Classic Skimmer is constructed of high-quality cast acrylic that disassembles completely for cleaning. Its unique Super Cone "wine glass shape" body naturally stabilizes and concentrates the organic rich foam as it rises producing an enhanced foamation.

Reef Octopus 202S Specifications:

  • Rated for aquariums up to 265 Gallons
  • Footprint: 12.4" in x 10" in
  • Neck Size: 4.7" in
  • Total Height: 23.2" in
  • Output Size: 40mm / 1.25" in
  • Suggested water depth:  7-9"

Reef Octopus 202S Features:

  • Includes Aquatrance 3000 Pump
  • In-Sump Application
  • Turbulence Reducing Super Cone Body
  • Solid Cast Acrylic Construction
  • Bubble Plate
  • Precision Control / Bubble Free Output
  • Efficient & Quiet Operation
  • Disassembles for Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Super Cone Body Size: 8.27" to 5.12"