Kessil AP700 LED Controllable Aquarium Light - w/Mounting Options


The Kessil ap700 LEDs are suitable for any reef tank with SPS, LPS, Soft Corals and Clams. Each light has a coverage area of 32-35 inches side-to-side and a coverage area of 22-25 inches front-to-back. With 180 watts of power the ap700 will penetrate up to 4 feet deep tanks. 

WOW!!! Is all we can say here at Reef2Land when it comes to the Kessil AP700. This light IS the bar when it comes to reef tank lighting. There's the AP700 and then everything else. We have been growing and farming corals for over 30 years in the reef-keeping industry. Coral growth and coloration rivaled even the most intense metal halides that we used before Kessil came into the industry. The Dense Matrix Array of LEDs packed into every light offers amazing coverage with almost not shadows and enough power for nearly any type of coral. 

One must have feature for us was we wanted to feel like we were actually diving when it comes to the performance of the light. For almost $800 a light should do something remarkable. The Kessil AP700 achieves that with the Shimmer Effect of every light which makes you feel like you're diving on the reef. Being full WiFi capable allows for the ability to program storms, cloud sweeps, day and lunar cycles, acclimation of new tank members, all from your Android or Apple device. This is our go-to light in the store for so many different reasons that we hope you will love too.

AP700 Features:

  • Beautiful Shimmer
  • Maximum Coverage*
  • Full-Spectrum Light
  • Superior Color Mixing
  • Unrivaled Penetration
  • Proprietary UV Blend
  • Compact Design
  • Full Color Control
  • Fisheye Optics
  • WiFi Connection to Ipad device**

AP700 Specfications:

  • Power Consumption: 185W
  • Unit Weight: 4.81lbs
  • Dimensions: L 20" x W 6.4" x H 1.5"
  • Power Supply: 48v DC (output)

What's Included:

  • AP700 Panel LED unit
  • USB Cable 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Adapter Cable
  • *Single AP700 Maximum Coverage
  • 36"x 24" at 7" above water level
  • 48" x 24" at 18" above water level


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