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IceCap 4” Cooling Smart Fan
- Brand New / Full Warranty / Authorized USA Seller


Evaporative cooling is a very effective way to keep your tanks temperature in check.  By placing fans around the tank, hood, or in the stand, they can help remove warm air that may be increasing the temperature of your tank.  If during the day you notice your tanks temperature slowly climb, an IceCap Smart Fan is most likely for you.


IceCap 4” Smart Fan:

  • Automatically Ramps Speed Based on Temperature
  • Quiet Operation
  • Air Flow 112 CFMs
  • 18" Thermistor Cord
  • The mounting screw holes are 4.14″ apart
  • 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 1" thick


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Warranty Information:

IceCap warrants this product to the original purchaser against defective material and workmanship that occurs during normal use of the skimmer for One (1) year from the date of purchase.

My Customer Service Guarantee:

Customer service is my #1 goal, check my feedback to see. I know the things I sell are going on peoples' tanks, where they keep pets they are taking care of. I will respond to all inquiries, before and after purchase, with the utmost importance, most of the time within an hour or two. As a customer you should never have to wait 24 hours for a response. 25+ years of reef keeping experience. 15+ years as a Marine Biologist. I have extensive knowledge of fish (such as behavior, feeding, and health), invertebrates, tank chemistry, tridacna clams, corals, lighting, filtration, and matters such as algae, diseases, and other problematic tank issues. Thanks, Jon.