Hamilton Cayman Sun DE Metal Halide System


The Cayman Sun Double Ended Metal Halide System comes with either a 150, 250 or 400 watt bulb and your choice of 10K, 14K or 20K bulb coloration.

Cayman Sun Double Ended System Features:

  • Accelerate your coral growth! Cayman Sun Metal Halide lighting pendants are unbeatable at increasing the growth of all corals, especially hard to keep, light demanding, SPS corals.
  • Cayman Sun Metal Halide lighting pendant systems allow you to keep all type of coral in your aquarium growing and thriving.
  • German aluminum, multi-faceted reflector, engineered to intensify the output and PAR of the metal halide bulb to the extreme
  • Superior craftsmanship, durable black powder coated , low profile reflector
  • Adjustable, built in, steel cable suspension kit
  • Protective, tempered glass, UV inhibiting splash guard lens
  • Light weight, ventilated aluminum hood
  • Fully assembled and ready to plug in for years of quality use
  • Use one Cayman Sun pendant system for every two feet of tank length
  • Reliable, remote HQI ballasts with quick disconnects provide higher PAR ratings and will last many years and are practically bullet proof.

Cayman Sun Double Ended Specifications:

  • Incredible high light output reflectors – 2 times brighter than Reefstar
  • Includes Hamilton Bulb - Either 150, 250 or 400 Watt with your choice of 10K, 14K or 20K bulb coloration
  • Includes Hamilton magnetic ballast - add an electronic ballast for $40.00 more
  • Durable, powder coated black exterior
  • 95% German reflective aluminum interior
  • Includes Steel Cable Suspension Kit & tempered glass lens
  • Dimensions: 150 & 250 watt 12" x 12" x 5"
  • Dimensions: 400 watt 13.25" x 13.25" x 5"
  • Weight – 5 lbs