Finnex HMS Aquarium Heaters


Please make sure if you are purchasing a heater for your sump or if it will be coming in contact with other equipment that your heater has a heater guard. 

Finnex Digital Titanium Heaters implements new technology for precision digital control for maintaining water temperatures at a constant level. The titanium tubes are corrosion-resistant and virtually unbreakable. These advanced heaters create a safe, healthy, and stable temperature by maintaining water temperatures within +/-2° F of the set value for your tank. Additionally, Finnex HPS heaters are equipped with memory. so in the event there is a power outage, your heater will resume your preset temperature settings at start up. Please note that the digital LCD display reads in Fahrenheit

  • HMO-50: 50W – 10-20 Gallons
  • HMO-100: 100W – 20-30 Gallons 
  • HMO-150: 150W – 30-60 Gallons 
  • HMO-200: 200W – 60-80 Gallons 
  • HMO-300: 300W – 80-100 Gallons