Fauna Marin DinoX Dinoflagellates, Nuissance Algae, and Briopsis Control


Previously Ultra Algae X now DINO X

Fight hairy or plague type algae with DINO X from Fauna Marin.

Strong and effective solution to remove nuisance algae, dinoflagellates and Briopsis algae.

Does not harm corals

Does not destabilize the aquarium system

DINO X is not a treatment for Cyanobacteria

Manufacturer's Recommended Dosing:

  • 5 mL of DINO X for 26 gallons(100 L) - every 2 days
  • DO NOT OVERDOSE - measure liters or gallons exactly.
  • Dose every 2 days until the algae is gone but not more than 21 days at a time.