Linking Cable Multi-Light for connecting A360X Models w/ 90 Degree Adapters

Cable Length: 6.5 Foot

K-Link Cables & Adapters

These are our store brand K-Link Cables for connecting 2 or more Kessil A360x lights or an X Series Spectral Controller. Buy them now as they are selling HOT!!! We are giving these away for free if you purchase your Kessil a360x Lights from us as well.
  • 6.5 Feet Long (we went shorter as it seemed the 10 foot ones got tangled)
  • 2 90 Degree Adapter Included
  • Great Signal Strength
  • PVC Outer corrosion resistant material
  • These are not Kessil Brand - these are EXO Shield Cables
  • They are made for super speed data transfer rates
  • Contact us if you have any issues at all