ATI Sirius X2 Series LED Light System SD0313

$475.00 $700.95

These ATI Units are scratch & dent but still perfectly functional. Most have a scratch and/or dent in the housing or in the reflector, but are still fully functional. They are brand new and still have the same awesome ATI & Reef2Land fully warranties and customer service. Keep in mind these sell EXTREMELY fast and are listed on over 15 sites. Don't wait because it usually takes them less than a day to vanish due to our tiny inventory.

The Sirius by ATI is designed for the serious reef keepers whose passion and commitment to their personal reef desire an upscale LED light. It’s high performance LED’s provide the power, efficiency and control required by high-end reef tanks and it’s slim, stylish housing gives it a sleek, sophisticated look making it the perfect fit for those who value both performance and style.

High Quality LED's provide the power, efficiency and control required for lighting high end reef tanks.

Each LED cluster features four independently programmable color channels. Each individual cluster is also individually controllable.

24 hour light cycle: produce realistic sunrise-sunset effects, cloud sweeps and moon lighting simulations.

The body is lightweight, durable and rust proof and all components are enclosed inside the fixture housing.