Complete Arctic Copepod Powder Boost Coral & Fish Food Color 1 oz Ounce

Arctic Copepod Powder is used by ornamental fish-keepers and reef enthusiasts because of their incredibly high levels of carotenoids (astaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, echinenone) which will enhance the color in your fish and corals. With our Arctic Copepod Powder a little goes a long way. 1 ounce should last you up to 3 months, even when spot feeding a 180 gallon coral dominant tank. All of our foods can not get any fresher. They are bottled within 1 week of arrival and since they are so fresh we advise using them within 6 months. We do not use seals on the jars because they do not sit on our shelves for months or years waiting to sell. Enjoy

Nutritional Analysis:

  • Crude Protein 65%
  • Lipids/Fat 9%
  • Ash 12%
  • Chitin 3%
  • Astaxanthin 400 ppm

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