CAD Lights NR-1 Pro Media and Biopellet Reactor


NR-1 Pro All-In-One Media reactor (Bio-pellets, GFO, Carbon)

Our newly released NR-1 Pro nano media reactor packs all the latest and best features that our engineers have come up with. Building on the breakthrough of the original NR-1 high speed reactor design 3 years ago, we set forth to add all the features we can fit into the new NR-1 Pro. The NR-1 Pro allows ease of use and instant access to the media inside the reactor unit. Whether you want to change, add or mix, you can simply pull the top cover and it opens right up for full access. As usual, our NR-1 Pro like the previous unit is made with 100% extra heavy duty 3/16” thick seamless Cell-cast acrylic. The NR-1 Pro is specially designed to run with Bio-pellets of ALL shapes and sizes, GFO, Carbon etc. comes with 2 pieces of foam for GFO and other fine filter media. Another new feature is the use of a pre-filtering foam and strainer kit. This helps prolong the life and the efficiency of both pump and the media inside the reactor.

CAD Lights NR-1

Anti-clumping design: utilizing a full distribution plate, our reactors give unmatched bio-pellet tumbling and flow distribution. Using a fully perforated specially patterned cell-cast acrylic plate, our reactors are high speed yet, gentle as the water comes up in a “curtain” style rather than a “jet” style stream. A “Jet” style stream causes excess agitation to the Bio-pellets and other medias hence decreases the medias efficiency.

Super small footprint at only 2.5" wide, this little reactor packs a good punch in effectively controlling and removing your Nitrates, Phosphates, slime algaes and other nuisance algaes. It can hold a strong dose of bio-pellets of up to 150ML giving you an aquarium capacity of 40G-50G (depending on your bio-load respectively). Yet it can still fit into an aquarium as small as our 8G, 18G, 34G Mini-II series systems.

CAD Lights NR-1

  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 3.5" x 12" (total exterior dimensions including plumbing)
  • Pump: Super quiet and Slim TIA Professional pumps at 200GPH and 11.5W.
  • Comes with strainer foam and 2 extra foam pads for use with fine media (GFO, Carbon etc.)
  • Material: 100% Cell-Cast Acrylic body.
  • Compatibility: Bio-pellets (up to 150ML Max.), GFO, Carbon (coarse or fine)
  • Capacity: 5G-50G Aquarium volume.