AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro - Aquarium Auto Top Off System


An auto top off system is one of the first automated devices any reef keeper should have. When water evaporates the salt is left behind slowly increasing the salinity of the tank. By utilizing an ATO device evaporated water can easily be replenished by the top off unit throughout the day keeping your tanks salinity very stable. Most of the time the location the sensors need to be placed can be very limited in space.

AutoAqua has released their Micro ATO system making it the smallest auto top off unit on the market today. The down fall for most top off systems is the float valve or moving parts. AutoAqua utilizes an optical sensor to visually look at the water level through your sump or tanks walls. With the magnetic mounting of the optical sensor placement options are limitless while if the magnets are to ever slip or the sensor gets knocked and moved, the Micro ATO provides real-time fail safe protection against such instances.

ATO Micro Features:

  • DC Feed Pump
  • Controller
  • Optical Sensor
  • Power Adapter
  • Magnetic sensor mount
  • Tubing (8.5mm OD - 6.5mm ID)

ATO Micro Specifcations:

  • DP-200 Brushless
  • 6.5 ft max head height
  • 74 GPH
  • 4.5w @ 12vDC
  • Cord length 5ft