Trigger Sumps

Trigger Sumps have been the pinnacle of the reef-keeping industry since 2003. They employee engineering in their sumps that make them nearly unmatched in dependability and functionality. They use rounded corners instead of square corners which exponentially increases the strength of each and every sump. One of the reasons Trigger is our favorite brand here at Reef2Land is they use the strongest material to ensure your sump will last for the life of your aquarium. We carry every color variation that Trigger offers - Triton Method, Crystal ClearSapphire BlueRuby RedEmerald Green, and Amethyst Purple - and we can also get custom made colors in whatever you might be looking for. These unique color choices aren't just for appearance. They also play a role in preventing unwanted algae growth as well. The best rule for choosing a sump is just the largest you can fit in the area you have to work with. That way you can build onto your filtration in the future.
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