Tridacna Clams For Sale - Maxima, Squamosa & Derasa

Just a Friendly Warning. We sell more of these clams then anyone in the USA. We go through them EXTREMELY quick. As in we put most up for sale and they are gone the same week. Please keep this in mind if you are considering purchasing a clam. We are PROUDLY Licensed with PACFA and The Department of Agriculture for all of our Reef Life. PACFA, or the Pet Animal Care Facility Act, is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards are met for housing aquatic life. 
At we carry a wide range of Tridacna Squamosa and Maxima Clams. All clams are "acclimated" and held for at least two weeks to ensure proper health. All clams we ship are guaranteed to be free of pests (such as pyramid snails), be responsive, NOT be gaping, and have smooth unfolded mantles. We know a great deal about clams and how to keep them healthy. Should you be looking for a specific size, color, or pattern, we always do special orders. All Tridacna clams are shipped Expedited Overnight Shipping. You can be sure you're getting a one of a kind clam in great health when you purchase from Should you have any questions feel free to contact us. Thank You.
SMALL CLAM SURVIVAL: We have some people tell us that small clams do not survive as well as bigger ones. This statement is completely false. We have been shipping clams for over 25 years. We do not ever get Crocea clams in stock because we don't believe they should be kept in captivity. No one other than maybe a national aquarium will ever be able to keep a Crocea alive for more than a few years. The longest we have seen a Crocea survive in captivity without beginning to lose its color is 3 years.