Thank You

I have been waiting eagerly for the chance to activate this page. This is so amazing. Thank You to all of our customers that chose to use us over the last year. In 2020 Reef2Land had 11 Google Reviews going into June. Now, a little over a year later, we have hit 100 Reviews and growing. For anyone that knows what this accomplishment means, it is huge. It means a stable spot in the industry for years to come. It is sort of like tenure for a job LOL. And we will continue to strive for excellence to make sure that we earn all of the 5-Star Reviews that are left for us. It takes A LOT to get to 100 Reviews on Google. Most companies with 1000+ are Fortune 500 Companies.        
I don't want to get too personal, but maybe some times that can be a good thing to let our new and existing customers know what kind of store they are shopping with. This is so amazing and I can not thank everyone enough. Because of this continued success ClickCorals has been selling a large number of corals to walk-in clients and the number of maintenance accounts has increased. I am searching for words, but they are hard to find right now. This has become a little family based around trust, respect, communication, loyalty, and love. We encourage each other to be better, motivate one another, push one another, and support one another in so many different ways.
Truly, Thank You to everyone that helped us get here. OMG LOL WOW!!!