Tap Water Filtration 101


Tap Water Filtration

Tap water filtration such as RO/DI units are an absolute necessity when it comes to keeping any marine or reef aquarium. Most water that comes from either wells or your city have chemicals and nutrients that can have a destructive impact on any saltwater tank. RO/DI units filter the water coming out of our taps and remove harmful elements such as heavy metals and chlorine. That is why RO/DI units are one of the top things that we recommend.
These filters are all sold in several different sizes. The sizes are ranked a “GPD", which stands for Gallons Per Day. That is how much water each unit is capable of filtering per day. All of them these days usually do between 100-200 GPD. RO/DI Units also contain a series of filters which need to be changed out periodically as the unit is used. 
Our favorite brand of RO/DI unit is made by a company called AquaFX. We have one of the largest selections of AquaFX filters in the nation. Click HERE to read more on them and see why we consider them the pinnacle of the aquarium filtration industry. If you have any questions about RO/DI units and which one might be right for you, feel free to contact us.