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ReefBrite Metal Halide Lighting

For over a decade ReefBrite Lighting has been providing amazing quality lights to the aquarium industry. The ReefBrite Metal Halide Hybrid has both XHO LEDs and Metal Halide bulbs built in, which equals outstanding performance. They come in a range of different wattage choices, with either a Mogul or Double Ended bulb. Reefbrite Lighting has received some of the best reviews when it comes to reliability, design and customer support. These are just a few of the reasons that we carry them here at Reef2Land.

With all ReefBrite Lighting that we carry below you can select your wattage, bulk color, and choose to add a ballast. To see how ReefBrite compares to the competition, visit our Aquarium Lighting Power Rankings page. If you have any questions which unit might be right for you, please contact us or visit our Reef101 Section.


ReefBrite 15" Hybrid Pendant

 ReefBrite 36" Hybrid Pendant




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