Reef2Land Reviews

At Reef2Land we pride ourselves in being on the top Aquarium Supply Retailers in the WORLD. You can't please all the people all of the time, but we do sure try our best. Here are some of our reviews from 2020. Thank You to all of our loyal customers who continue to shop for Reef2Land. Sign up for our mailing list and you'll be among the thousands of our customers to receive monthly coupon codes and discounts.

Steve Miser  Recommends Reef2Land Aquarium Supplies

August 23rd 2020 - 
I asked the squad at Reef2Land to please publish my review lol. This store is one of the most straight forward around. They don't put up with bullshit or people with horrible attitudes. I can tell you what you will get. You will get fast shipping, great products, an amazing staff that knows everything about everything, and even gain new friends. Love this store


James Felder  Recommends Reef2Land Aquarium Supplies

August 19th 2020 - 


Tommy Lukas  Recommends Reef2Land Aquarium Supplies

August 17th 2020 - 
This crew really is amazing. Slight hiccup with shipping. I forgot to enter my apartment number and they corrected it immediately. Amazing A+++


Scarlett Griffin  Recommends Reef2Land Aquarium Supplies

July 29 2020 - 
Great staff, great fun, every day


Theron Dononvan  Recommends Reef2Land Aquarium Supplies

July 30 2020 - 
This is a great store. Amazing squad here. My review might be a little longer. Like with many others I read some of their reviews. This place does actually become like "family". They do maybe need to make sure things go out a little quicker occasionally, but it's worth it for the relationship you can build with them. Jon has gone above and beyond to help me with emergency tank issues so many times. No one at this store gets tired of the endless questions that us "newbies" have. They don't just want money, and it shows in how they joke around so much. Be prepared for a "NO BS" approach because this group of people is the real deal. They have all been there at least 15 years and really know their stuff. Great work guys.