Reef Octopus Protein Skimmers

We carry more than FIFTY models of Reef Octopus Protein Skimmers. They are a company we work extremely close with. If you have any warranty issues or concerns feel free to contact us. We will help you personally handle any issue you may have with any skimmer you purchase from us. We needed an outstanding well established reputation being there for all our customers to reach the level we did with them. Shop with us and you'll see why. If you see a lower price anywhere, contact us before you buy; we can usually beat it. Reef Octopus Protein Skimmers 

These skimmers come in 3 different models. The Classic models are the beginner to intermediate line. However, they can be used at any stage you're at in the hobby, because they perform remarkably well. The next model is the Regal line. This line takes all the benefits and performance of the Classic line and adds fully-programmable DC pumps. The Elite models then take the capabilities of the Regal models one step further by adding the power, efficiency, and control of the Reef Octopus VarioS pump. The Elite line performs just as well if not better than many of the higher-end skimmers at almost half the cost. 

Reef Octopus has been building a reputation of superb quality and first-rate customer service for all of their products since 2004. Their protein skimmers are both appealing in design and exceptionally sturdy in craftsmanship. They are the only company in the world that specifically engineers their own pumps in order to maximize the efficiency of their skimmers. That is why you will find their full line here at Reef2Land. To see how Reef Octopus compares to the competition, visit our Protein Skimmer Power Rankings page.

Reef Octopus Protein Skimmers are one of the most vital parts to keeping any successful saltwater or reef aquarium. For the particles that are small enough to pass through natural filtration, that is what protein skimmers are for. The dissolved organic compounds (such as decaying food and waste particles) attach to the large amounts of bubbles produced by the pump. It is then pushed to the top of the neck, where the bubbles pop, and the waste is left in the collection cup. These devices also play a significant role in tank health by adding dissolved oxygen to your aquarium. Protein Skimmers help maintain optimum water conditions for all of your tank inhabitants. To read more, please refer to our Reef101 section.

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