Reef Chat & Livestock Forum

At we are trying a different way of selling livestock. Most of the time selections in livestock are limited because of the amount of space, which sends people searching all over the internet. Instead, we decided to create a board on Facebook where there are going to be dozens of top sellers with hundreds of sales and auctions on fish, corals, inverts, and almost any other livestock you could want for your reef aquarium. We have been watching the majority of these sellers carry some of the most unique pieces, at some of the best prices, with some really good shipping costs. Head over to Reef Exchange: Chat, Livestock & Drygoods where you should be able to find almost any tank member on your wish list at some great prices.
Giveaways: Head over to our Enter to Win page to find out how to enter the Giveaways that we currently have running. Don't forget to join us on Instagram too. Happy Reefing