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Monitors: We currently carry Seneye Monitors and Neptune Systems Controllers. These amazing pieces of equipment should be a must own for any serious reef keeper. The technology on the market today almost astounds us because of how long we have been around. Monitors have saved aquarium owners likely millions of dollars by helping to prevent possible tank problems. The majority of them can watch a large number of parameters in your tank, such as Ammonia, Nitrate, Temperature, pH, salinity, and more. They can also be set up to control almost anything connected to your tank such as pumps, reactors, lights, heaters, and many other electronics (please refer to each controllers page to see what they can do).
Dosers: On this page you will also find dosers from Bubble Magus and Neptune Systems. Today's dosers are so precise that they take nearly all of the guess work out of maintaining proper water chemisty. Simply fill them with whatever you may desire to dose and adjust them with their user friendly settings. Both monitors and dosers assist in allowing you to enjoy your tank rather then see it as a daily chore. How far these pieces of technology have come in such a short period of time is amazing. If you do not see a specific model you are looking for please contact us. If you would like assistance choosing a monitor or controller, email us at contact@reef2land.comThank You
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