Freshwater Fish

So, we are adding freshwater fish LOL We have had a HUGE number of people calling and asking if we carry freshwater fish. We were not that familiar with them and spent a lot of time doing research over the last few months. We are going to be adding 15 new tanks for holding exclusively freshwater fish for those that asked for it. If you have any suggestions as to which fish you would like us to carry, please contact us. We ordered oscars, plecos, betas, tetras and platies. For those of you who that use us for all your coral frags, we are not taking down any of the saltwater tanks, we are just adding freshwater. Last month we broke a personal record and sold over 315 frags. Thanks to all for continuing to help us grow. We are going to be getting our very own light and pump brand in soon as well. We are aiming for Christmas with those.