Free Aquarium Supplies

Your order could be free just by making a purchase at - but, let us explain a bit further. 4 times a year we will take all the orders over a 90-day period and enter them all into our Reef2Land Customer Giveaway. If your order is chosen we will refund the entire purchase price of your order. There will be 2 Winners chosen for ever 90-day period. It's that simple. Shopping with us means that your order could be free. At Reef2Land we respect your privacy. We will not publish any winners name unless you ask us to. All winners will be contacted through their chosen method of contact on the order they placed. We do not have mailing or marketing lists so you never have to be worried about getting spammed with sales. If you would like to receive our weekly sales newsletter just drop us an email at
Here is when our drawings will be held...
Place an order between:
January 1st - March 31st - WINNERS chosen April 5th
April 1st - June 30th - WINNERS chosen July 5th
July 1st - September 30th - WINNERS chosen October 5th
October 1st - December 31st - WINNERS chosen January 5th