Ecotech, Aqua Illumination and Nyos Policy Violations

Ecotech Unilateral Minimum Retail Price (MRP) Policy

We put this page together because we have an EXTREMELY high sales volume when it comes to Ecotech Marine, Nyos, and Aqua Illumination products. We deal with dozens of calls a day. It was frustrating to have people call us every day and say things such as "We bought our products 2 weeks ago and they have no warranty now, what should we do?" or they didn't understand how come a warranty issue can cost so much money. Even if you don't purchase from us we wanted to attempt to make sure that you're informed when it comes to your expensive Ecotech, AI, or Nyos lights or skimmers.

All of our Ecotech, Nyos, and Aqua Illumination products are set at the lowest price online that anyone is allowed to charge. We even throw in Free Expedited Shipping and pay the sales tax on every Ecotech, Nyos, or Aqua Illumination order.

We noticed something that has been happening to consumers recently when it comes to Ecotech Marine, Aqua Illumination, and Nyos products. Please read this carefully to protect your money. There is ABOUT an 80%+ chance this can happen to one of your orders based on the Ecotech Unilateral Minimum Retail Price (MRP) Policy.

You can read this policy right here as well.

Let's begin with a positive note. A lot of people purchase Ecotech, Nyos, and Aqua Illumination products from us. One of the biggest concerns that people address to us is "Why do I have to pay shipping to send in my product for a warranty issue?" The truth is Ecotech is a company that understands the value of their products. Their products have won hands down in nearly every category we have been testing for over a decade.

Free Warranty Shipping

Here is the good news however. IF you purchase your Ecotech, Nyos, or Aqua Illumination products from us and you should have a warranty issue arise and need to send your product in WE WILL pay the shipping cost for you. We had a great deal of customers bring this up to us and we wanted to somehow separate ourselves from other stores.

Ecotech, Nyos, Aqua Illumination Loaner Program (ELP).

IF your product should happen to need to be sent in for repair, contact us, and we can send you a comparable loander product to keep your tank safe. Sometimes repairs can take weeks or even up to a month. Purchasing your Ecotech, Nyos, or Aqua Illumination products from us helps to ensure that should your product go down your whole tank shouldn't. Keep in mind that occasionally all loaner products might be loaned out - but this is extremely rare.

Price Reduction Via Any Method

Voids the warranty. If you buy from a store and that store reduces the price by any means, whether it is through a code, online, in person, with a points programs voucher, if the price changes at all, even in the shopping cart, your warranty is voided. Saving $40 IS NOT WORTH IT. That $40 is not worth the peace of mind you have knowing you aren't going to call Ecotech only to be told that you no longer have a warranty. EVERY price on Ecotech, Nyos or AI products is MRP locked. We have our Ecotech, AI and Nyos products set at the lowest price anyone is allowed to charge. If you pay under this and contact Ecotech they will tell you your warranty is voided.

Earn Points For Discounts.

At WE are allowed to give up to 1% of the total value back based on our Rewards Now Program. These points work like a "bank" and you can simply tell us you would like to close out your account at any time. This will allow us to offer you a one time use code to use towards your next order from

Your Order Could Be Free:

  • Another benefit of purchasing from is every 6 months we will pick 10% of the Ecotech, AI, and Nyos orders via a random number drawing and we will refund all of those orders. That's it. No questions asked.

WARNING About Where To Buy:

Now on to the Ecotech Marine Selling Policies. This excerpt is taken directly from the Ecotech Marine website...

  • "Q: Can I sell my products on Amazon, eBay, Woot, or other online marketplaces?
  • A: Selling any EcoTech product on these websites will be a violation of the EcoTech Marine Sales Policy, not the MRP policy. Regardless, it is still a policy violation."

    A good deal of consumers check with these places when they go to buy Ecotech, Nyos, or Aqua Illumination products. Buying from them IMMEDIATELY voids your warranty. When a retailer signs up with Ecotech they are made to sign the Unilateral Minimum Retail Price (MRP) Policy contract. Every single retailer is aware that selling on these sites is strictly prohibited by Ecotech Marine and they will not honor the warranty for any products sold on these sites.

    We really hope that this sheds some "light" on your purchase. We just want to attempt to ensure that everyone who spends the money for these products has a worry free experience with these products and can enjoy them for at least the duration of their warranty. Should you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us.