Bird Cage Info

Acrylic Bird Cages are a great addition for any bird enthusiast. There are several things that we do recommend though. Acrylic cages are used in a ton of pet stores because they are extremely easy to clean and also keep the birds warmer than standard metal cages. Since acrylic cages are more closed off, sounds does not carry out of them as well as metal wire cages. If you have a bird that is extremely loud, it is a possibility that it could injure it's own ears; although this is extremely rare. From what we know, a bird's ears can completely heal. Also, we do recommend the use of a small fan nearby but not aimed directly at the cage. This will cause good air movement and a more suitable environment that is more comfortable for your bird in general. All of the holes are actually cut at an almost unnoticeable angle to help circulate air on their own as well. Please do not clean the inside of your cage with any harsh chemicals that could potentially make your birds sick. We do make an acrylic cage cleaner that we sell, but you must contact us for that. Should you have any further questions please contact us.