Aquarium BioPellet Reators

The way Biopellet Reactors work is they use solid carbon pellets to provide beneficial bacteria a greater surface area to both grow and thrive. This helps with creating remarkable reef tank environments by maintaining low Phosphate and Nitrate Levels. These reactors can be a very useful addition to any tank where levels are less than favorable. We currently carry CAD Lights, Skimz, Reef Octopus, and Biotek Marine brands of Biopellete Reactors. Select any brand below to read more about each company and why we carry their product lines. If you do not see a specific model you are looking for please contact us at 

Maintaining the healthiest reef environment possible is what all reef keepers strive to achieve. Reactors can greatly improve the chances of optimum water quality by offering a wide range of applications. There are Calcium Reactors for maintaining water chemistry. Zeovit Reactors for harmful nutrient control. Media Reactors can perform many functions due to their versatility. And Nitrate Reactors may be needed for tanks where desired nitrate levels are more difficult to achieve. To see all the reactors we carry at Reef2Land, and what they do, use the products list above and select Reactors.