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For the last year, we have been quiet. Because we have been building. The industry over the last couple years has been coming to a halt. Since COVID people seem to have been losing interest in the aquarium hobby. Manufacturers are seeing much less sales. Wholesalers are saying new tank setups are at an all time low. We believe this is all due to the rising cost of livestock sales.

Still, 2023 was a record breaking year for sales with us that were almost 40% higher than 2022. 

We realized this would be an opportunity to build. "Tough times don't last. Tough businesses do." No matter what the reefing industry is always going to be here and we believe that funneling sales into certain areas would be wise at this point. In 2023 we contacted a couple places that we know, who were struggling, who also have areas for coral growing, and we scooped them up. We believe this will give us a greater ability to provide the industry with lower coral costs due to larger areas to propagate. We are also likely going to try our hand at fish breeding.  

Rather than have 5 different websites to maintain everyone's names, we decided to go to a single name which we believe really reflects the unity of what we have done, as well as the general interest of the message we are trying to reflect. will be opening it's doors in Late Spring - Early Summer of this year. It was rather hard getting the name, but was worth the wait. If you're a customer, you will be receiving an email with a discount code. We will also be doing almost $25,000 in Giveaways shortly after we open. 

The staff that people have come to know and love are all staying as well as Jon still being the owner. So you can expect the same amazing customer service, great products, and expedited shipping times. 

Thank You

Reef2Land LLC