1000 Mermaids

If you could choose ONE person and surrender the rest of the world for, who would it be? If you love them, immortalize them. When we were down in Florida a couple months ago we found out about this amazing venture that is occuring. There is a company called ORA  (Ocean Rescue Alliance). What this company is doing is you can actually get a plaster mold made of someone, turn them into a mermaid, and then they place it in the ocean right off the coast of Florida with lil' coral frags on it and it turns the one you love into a living coral reef that replenishes the ocean for all time. The thought of something like that while watching the sun drop lower in the sky and reflect off the water was so heart-warming. Although if you don't want to go all out, you can simply donate or even get one of their plaques, small stones, low profile ornaments, or larger high-profile ornaments. This is an extremely good cause and I hope if you are viewing this page that you shoot over to their website and donate something to help them out. The work they are doing is truly unique; and who doesn't have someone they know where the thought of doing something that says they will be there for all of eternity, means something.