Trigger Triton Sumps

Trigger Triton Sumps are designed with the naturalist reef keeper in mind. They are primarily engineered to be used as a refugium and set up to utilize biological filtration such as macroalgae. These filters are designed around the Triton method which is supposed to significantly reduce water changes in reef aquariums by maintaining an ultra-low nutrient environment.  These sumps also come with filter sock holders should you choose to add mechanical filtration at some point. The addition of quick connects for ATOs and dosing adds to the many other features that make these sumps the best in the industry. You don't have to worry about macroalgae flowing into areas of the sump it shouldn't be in due to the "AlgaeBlocker". If you have any other questions concerning any of these refugiums please contact us. We use the Triton sumps on all of our store tanks here so we are very knowledgeable about them. 
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