Trigger Systems Platinum Sumps

Trigger built their Platinum line of sumps to eliminate the need for costly filter socks. If you were to add up how much you would spend on filter socks over the lifetime or your reef tank, the Platinum line is built to save you money. With one of the highest flow rates when it comes to added mechanical filtration these sumps truly are top of the line. The majority of our customers are saying they are averaging almost half a year without the need to replace the roller mat. These sumps are designed to replace the fleece mechanical filtration on its own by rolling out clean fresh material every time the old material becomes clogged. This also can have a second benefit of helping to keep nitrate lower in your reef tank by removing waster and particulate matter. Should you have any questions pertaining to the new Platinum line don't hesitate to contact us. 
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Trigger Platinum 26" Sump - New Model - Reef2Land
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Trigger Platinum 20" Cube Sump - New Model - Reef2Land
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Trigger Platinum 34" Sump - New Model - Reef2Land
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Trigger Platinum 39" Sump - New Model - Reef2Land
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