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Skimz Calcium Reactors are specifically designed with ease of use in mind for helping to maintain proper water chemistry in today's reef aquaria. Skimz has been constructing quality products for the aquarium industry since early 2000. In the beginning, as remains the same today, their primary focus has remained on product research and development with an emphasis on bringing the best possible equipment to both professionals and hobbyists. You can see this emphasis built into every reactor.

Skimz Calcium Reactors help maintain proper alkalinity and calcium levels (among other trace elements) by dissolving a media called aragonite. When the aragonite is dissolved it then drips back into the tank to assist in proper water chemistry. They are highly effective, almost self-sustaining additions, that make 2-part dosing obsolete. On average a good reactor package will run about what a year of dosing additives do in our experience. For more information on Calcium Reactors please refer to our Reef101 section.

Why purchase your new Skimz Calcium Reactor from Reef2Land? The majority of reefers have a key concern about warranties and replacement parts. In an effort to keep your aquatic pets happy & healthy, at Reef2Land we are one of the nations ONLY Authorized Skimz Warranty Centers. Should you have any concerns with your calcium reactor during the warranty period simply contact us. If applicable, your warranty issues will be taken care as soon as possible; most the time within 2-3 days.

Skimz Calcium Reactors

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