Seneye Reef Monitors


We carry the Seneye Reef Monitor, Seneye Web Server and Seneye Reef Pack at Reef2Land. Because in our opinion a monitor is a must have for every reef tank. These amazing instruments register many different parameters of your tank such as temperature, ammonia, pH, light, and more, while keeping the aquarium owner informed directly to your computer or cell phone. These benefits can assist in keeping a healthy successful reef tank. Seneye engineers one of the most innovative, reliable, and user friendly monitors in the industry. They are in a class of their own when it comes to such a vital part of equipment that every tank owner should have.

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Seneye Water Parameters Pond Monitor - Reef2Land
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Seneye Water Parameters Reef Monitor - Reef2Land
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Seneye Web Server with WiFi Connection - Reef2Land
Seneye Reef Pack with WiFi Web Server - Reef2Land
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