Maxima, Squamosa and Derasa Clams ON SALE NOW!!!! - Check Out Our Sales & Clearance Section!!!
Open Box Inventory List Remaining:
AquaMaxx Protein Skimmers
Aqua Illumination - 2 Hydra 52 Open Box - 7 Sold
Aqua Illumination - 5 Prime Package AI Prime Black/18" Gooseneck 
Ecotech Radion - 2 XR30 Gen 4 Pro - 3 sold (store use 1 day)
Ecotech Radion - 3 XR30 Gen 4 - 2 sold (customer return/brand new)
Ecotech Radion - 3 XR15 Gen 4 - 2 sold (customer return/brand new)
Kessil Lights - 2 AP700 - Test Units - (used less than 15 minutes)
Kessil Lights - 3 Kessil A360X - Test Units - (used less than 15 minutes)
Kessil Lights - 3 Kessil a360WE Tuna Blue - (customer return still sealed)
ATI Lighting - Varios Scratch & Dent and Closeout Models
Nyos Protein Skimmer - 160 (never touched water - exchange)
Nyos Protein Skimmer - 220 (never touched water - exchange)
AquaFX RO/DI Units - On Sale Now!!! 
Aqua Euro Chillers - Various Closeout Models 
Your Choice Aquatics Protein Skimmers
Biotek Marine Sumps & Reactors - Closing These Out
Trigger Systems Sumps - All Sizes and Colors
At Reef2Land we run sales all the time on a lot of the Top Brands in Nation.  This year we have a large amount of lights and other Top Brands as we have just concluded our product testing. To see the latest Aquarium Lights Test results click HERE. We did some of the most in depth testing we have ever done thanks to our friends at Apogee. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our sales. We are going to begin shipping livestock Nationwide in the next couple weeks.Happy Reefing

Sales & Clearance

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