Reef Octopus Biopellet Reactors

All Reef Octopus Biopellet reactors are engineered to be hobbyist friendly and offer years of reliability. Biopellet Reactors are designed to provide beneficial bacteria a greater area to both grow and thrive. This helps with establishing optimal reef tank environments, by maintaining low Phosphate and Nitrate Levels. Reef Octopus has been building a reputation of superb quality and first-rate customer service for all of their products since 2004. They are the only company in the world that specifically engineers their own pumps in order to maximize the efficiency of everything they produce. That is why you will find their full line of reactors here at Reef2Land.

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Reef Octopus BR Series BioPellet Reactors - 3 Sizes - Reef2Land
Reef Octopus BioChurn 90INT BioPellet Reactor - Reef2Land
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Reef Octopus BioChurn 120INT Internal BioPellet Reactor - Reef2Land
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Reef Octopus BioChurn 90ext HOB Hang On Biopellet Reactor - Reef2Land
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Reef Octopus BioChurn 120R Recirculating Reactor - Reef2Land
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Reef Octopus Space Saving Biopellet Reactor - 3 Sizes - Reef2Land