ReefBreeders LED Aquarium Lighting


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ReefBreeder LED lights, we can not say enough about. We have what may be the largest frag holding tanks in the state and we removed every other light and switched all of our tanks to ReefBreeders. We tested them with Apogee Instruments PAR meters and they perform shockingly well even compared to lights that come at a much higher cost. If you are new to these lights the V2+ comes with its own remote that takes about half an hour to program. With the V2 Pro, you have the ability to use a Wifi App to program the lights. These lights also run a great deal cooler than most of the other lights on the market. We highyl recommend these lights for any reef tank. Should you have any questions or would like more pictures we will happily send you some from over our personal frag tanks. 
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ReefBreeders Photon 16-V2 Pro - Reef2Land
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ReefBreeders Photon 32-V2 Pro - Reef2Land
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ReefBreeders Photon 50-V2 Pro - Reef2Land
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