Pentair UV Sterilizers

Pentair Aquatics is a manufacturer of some of the best UV Sterilizers around. They're reputation for reliability and performance is so well known that they are used by Zoos, Universities and Public Aquariums. The reviews that we constantly see for Pentair are outstanding. UV Sterilizers are one of the Top 5 things that we think is a must have for any serious hobbyist. They're most commonly known for their ability to help prevent the spread of harmful pathogens in an aquarium. However, these devices had a wide range of other benefits as well.

One of their lesser known utilities is the ability to raise redox levels. Increasing redox has a huge range of benefits such as improved water quality, which results in lower fish stress, better coral growth, less algae blooms (brown and red), so just an all around healthier aquarium. Because redox works directly to help counteract the negative impact of decaying organics such as uneaten fish food and waste. All of this and their exceptional record of customer service are just a few of the reasons why we carry Pentair Aquatics UV Sterilizers here at Reef2Land. If you have any questions please contact us.

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